We provide backdrops sized 60 x 90 cm, which is perfect for photos of small objects, such as jewellery, watches, etc., still-life photos, food photography, flatlays, clothes, milestone baby photos and more.

What is the material of vinyl backdrops?  

The material used is Waterproof Premium PVC, weighing 240 gsm (grams per sqm), which is sturdy yet thin, so it bends and rolls without causing wrinkles or folds.

Textured backdrop … €33.00

Solid-coloured backdrop … €27.00

Large textured backdrop … €48.00

Large solid-coloured backdrop … €46.00

A VAT-registered person from the EU should enter their VAT number during purchase and receive the product at the net price, excluding VAT. Should you have any problems, please contact hello@koohna.si.


Get discounts:

We offer free shipping for any purchase over €155.00 or for purchase of more than 5 vinyl backdrops at a time. We also offer discounts for a few days on new collections, which we launch every season.

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Yes. We use exclusively Express shipping, which means that deliveries within the EU take 2-4 days, while those of you outside the EU can expect your packages within 4 to 8 days from purchase.

Our vinyl backdrops are designed and printed in Europe.

Our backdrops are designed for professional photography and video production. Due to their versatility, they are ideal for professional and personal use, for product and food photographers, agencies, bloggers, influencers and content creators, crafters etc.

Our backdrops have been stress-tested with water, pomegranate, red cabbage, various oils and so on. The important thing to remember is to not leave any stains on the surface for too long. Use a clean damp cloth or add some soap for oil spills if needed and they are good to go.

When you unpack a new backdrop, lay it on a flat surface the opposite way that it curls, which will allow it to flatten out. In general, use your backdrop with care, minding that you do not scratch it with a sharp object or crease it, and clean it regularly and gently. Remember that you should not place a hot pan directly onto it.

The MDF surfaces come in different sizes: from 60 x 70 cm to 100 x 120 cm. Each piece is unique (you will not find a repeated or the same surface). The sizes and the relief are specified under each item.

Sure. We use exclusively Express delivery. Since the MDF surfaces are heavier than the vinyl backdrops, the shipment cost is somewhat higher. The deliveries within the EU take 3 to 6 days, and those outside the EU take 6 to 12 days. We normally ship MDF surfaces within 2 days from purchase. Also, we do not offer free shipping with MDF items.

These surfaces are handmade in Slovenia and Italy.

The MDF surfaces have been crafted diligently and are suitable for product photography, food photography, for influencers, creatives, and content creators. They are particularly appreciated by professional photographers and big production teams, since their relief texture meets the complex needs of large projects. 

Avoid any mechanical strain (such as bending, shoving etc.) on your surface. Do not place heavy or sharp objects on it or drag them across the surface. Store it in a vertical or horizontal position in a dry place away from heat sources or direct sunlight which might cause discoloration or the finish to turn yellowish. In case your backdrop does bend, dampen its back side, lay it on a horizontal surface, weigh it down, and leave overnight to straighten. When photographing food, we advise you not to expose the backdrop to foodstuff for longer periods of time, as food colouring or grease could leave traces on the finish. Stains can be cleaned using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

All our wooden surfaces are made of wood that has aged naturally. The reclaimed wood we use has been used for decades as exterior material on sheds, garages, barns or other countryside buildings. It has been exposed to sun, cold, wind, and rain, so the surfaces are not perfectly straight. You may find small crevices in them, and small pieces (splinters) may fall off it during transport. We advise you to use them carefully. Wooden surfaces are offered on ‘sold as seen’ basis. They are durable but difficult to clean in the event of spilled grease or food stains that are intense in colour (raspberries, blueberries, red cabbage, etc.). On the other hand, these surfaces will gain even more patina and natural look with their use.

The wooden surfaces come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The size and the thickness are specified under each item. 

The wooden surfaces are of Slovenian origin. They are made from reclaimed wood, which means the material has been recycled.

We suggest you use these surfaces only with food and products that do not leave greasy or coloured stains. You can clean them with a soft brush or slightly dampened cloth. Mind that most wooden surfaces have small crevices and are thus difficult to clean with water without causing slight damage.

Yes, pickup is possible at the address of the studio: Žebljarska pot 5, Kamnik. You can pick up your order the next day from the purchase after you have agreed the time of pickup by a telephone call.  

You can return the purchased backdrop if it has not met your needs regarding colour or quality, providing you have used it in accordance with our recommendations. Damaged MDF surfaces can be repaired. We will provide full refund for MDF surfaces that have been damaged during transport. However, we do not provide refund if the damage has been caused by improper use. The cost of repair shall be covered by the buyer. We do not repair damaged vinyl backdrops.  

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